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Magazines and newspaper

The companies not only provide accurate daily delivery services of newspapers, magazines and books, but it also a range of unique services to its Editors in Italy in attempt to satisfy all possible requirements in the editorial field. Some of the most important services we provide consist in:

Some of the most important services we provide, consist in:

          Hand delivery
   Special delivery
 Other services

We provide delivery services to the hotels, universities, embassies, banks, airlines etc .. for all those Editors who want their products to be available in these public areas. Our marketing division proposes services where, upon request, it will follow up all the most important events in Italy such as trade fairs, cultural events, Opera evenings at the Verona Arena or other event, including targeted street-poster services in specific cities and points of sale, the distribution of advertising material provided by the Editors, poster campaigns, competitions among points of sale and loud speaker services.