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Magazines and newspaper

Established in 1953, Messinter offers an innovative service portfolio in the import and distribution business of daily newspapers, magazines and books. Each publisher can choose out of a wide range the tailor-made services allowing the maximization of their sales chances.

Messinter currently supplies 8.500 kiosks (but also alternative outlets such as direct accounts, bookstores, hotels, airports, museums, cafés, fashion/modelling/music shops) with the most important and prestigious international titles, and 500 bookstores with the most important best-sellers in the main international languages.

More than 60 years of consolidated experience have led the company to become the leading firm in this sector and the main Italian partner for foreign editors; we distribute in fact round 45 daily newspapers, 1.200 magazines, a catalogue of books consisting in roughly 25.000 titles from 39 countries in 34 languages. The distribution network and logistics division operate alongside each other and use four large sorting centers in Milan, Verona, Bologna and Rome in order to ensure punctual and capillary distribution over the entire Italian territory.