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The company works 365 days a year and the experience gained in over 60 years of working in this field is applied to the organisation of its distribution and logistic services where it constantly works to boost its relationships with the Local Distributors and car companies used for the "A" standard deliveries. We are able to transport and to distribute around 1,200 titles with different requirements. Some titles arrive by car from Germany, Austria and France, other titles arrive by air from many other countries where they are printed, other are printed in Italy.

Our transport and logistic system is based on the use of exclusive cars with vans or trucks organised in pools with the main Italian titles. We have 4 sorting centres: Milan, Verona, Bologna and Rome. Each sorting centre is connected by a computer-based system to the other centres and to the headquarters. We distribute our titles to the Local Distributors Places and to some direct customers for a total of over 8,500 newsagents and other "special" points of sale such as Hotels, Universities, Embassies, etc..

The company has 5 inspectors at present, each covering a specific area with inspections conducted on both the Local Distributors and the Newsagents.

Main Printing Centers  Main Ridges
This map shows the 4 main sorting centres with the related logistics structure.To display the different reshipment lines, click on the links below.  

      Milan warehouse
      Verona warehouse
      Bologna warehouse
      Rome warehouse
         Air shipments