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Magazines and newspaper

Messinter not only provide accurate daily delivery services of newspapers, magazines and books, but it also a range of unique services to its Editors in Italy in attempt to satisfy all possible requirements in the editorial field. Some of the most important services we provide consist in:

Some of the most important services we provide, consist in:

           Hand delivery
   Special delivery
 Other services

The Hand Delivery "A" Service (that is the same day that the paper is printed) in the following cities;
.: Milan (around 1,000 subscribers)
.: Roma (around 900 subscribers)
.: Turin (around 100 subscribers)
.: Bologna (around 100 subscribers)
.: Florence (around 150 subscribers)
.: Genoa (around 50 subscribers)
.: Padua (around 15 subscribers)
.: Parma (around 15 subscribers)
.: Modena (around 15 subscribers)
.: all Romagna's area

The subscribers who live in areas which are not covered by Hand Delivery, are reached by "Priority Mail" after the papers have been packed and labelled. Messinter does not manage the subscriptions (which are handles by the Editor), it is in charge of deliveries and uses its website to allow readers to communicate with the Editor.